Eight Steps Toward Transformation


Over the last few months I’ve been putting my focus on something other than my website. I’ve been attending school once again in order to further pursue my knowledge and gain an edge in the professional world. Despite the flaws and arguments that remain of our modern day educational system, I’ve had to move beyond flaws and focus on self-development and creating a brighter future for myself and others around me.

With this post, I have combined some different guidelines on how to help transform the lives of other people and help transform people’s potentials to new heights that they never knew they were capable of reaching. In order to do this it requires a Mental Frame Shift. This Mental Frame Shift can be conducted by anyone who is simply looking for more out of themselves and looking to take more control their body, mind, and soul. The following are my Eight Steps Toward Transformation which happens to be a part of a Mental Frame Shift:

  1. Think BIG! – Nobody ever had large feats by thinking small about themselves or thinking small about their potential to do things in the world. Once you start to develop a META state of mind, you can see life more clearly and see the big picture. When you think bigger you can see the positive beauty that exists in reality and create what you’ve always aspired to create.
  2. Better To Act Today Than Tomorrow – Don’t waste your time on yesterday’s potential. Stop dwelling on things that could have been done, and transition your mind to form habits that will help you move forward. If you want to move up in the world you better start taking action now!
  3. Focus On Activities That Produce Value – Do things that show value in your life and better yet, produce value for other people’s lives. What would your life look like if you added more meaning to the activities that you do? If you focus on activities that produce value, you will likely feel more joy and excitement in your life.
  4. Take Charge and Avoid Being a Sucker – When you begin to take charge of your life, instead of letting others push you around and control your life, you begin to open the door to more opportunities. When something appealing is presented on the table, take initiative, and take charge. Once you begin to take charge of life and the opportunities that form, you’ll be able to shape a new identity of yourself that’s molded through courage.
  5. Stop Fearing The Challenge – The journey is never easy, but it is necessary for growth and development. No matter how small or big your fears are, and no matter where you are geographically or financially, you must confront your fears. When you begin to confront your fears and overcome them, you begin to grow mentally and live more fully and deeply. The biggest obstacle is usually knowing where to start, staying focused, and taking initiative upon your fears that challenge you most.
  6. Eliminate All Negative Influences and Doubters – If you’re currently letting other people hold you back from your potential to become stronger, healthier, and more rejuvenated you need to let those people go. Life is about growing and improving in order to live out to your fullest potential. Live is too short to surround yourself around people who don’t love or support you and what you want out of life.
  7. Put In Effort and Execution – The world belongs to those who hustle for what they want and those who put in the hours of hard work and dedication. Place your focus on well-executed planning and follow through with consistent action on your goals. Keep building and don’t let little set backs put you down. Believe in yourself and you will put in the effort and execution of your goals.
  8. Results Speak For Themselves – When you take a disciplined plan towards action you will ultimately receive what you put in. As the saying goes, “Nothing speaks like results”. If you’re ultimately progressing you should notice whether you’re taking steps in the right direction at the end of each day.

In general, transformation is possible for anyone who is willing to walk across the bridge. If you want to take your health, well-being, body, and mind to it’s higher level of functioning it’s very doable.

It takes some mentoring and guidance from others to usually step ahead and get to the things that you want in life, but once you begin to make the strides towards transformation, it becomes much harder to want to turn back after putting the time and work in.

Remember that there are a lot of people who have done it before you. The human body is designed to rejuvenate and detoxify, so if your body and mind are in a state of flux there is no need to be worried. Changing your lifestyle and incorporating good habits is completely possible.

No matter where you came from there’s always someone who had a harder struggle than you. There’s always someone out their trying to step up their game and out work you. But quintessentially that doesn’t matter. Why? Because you have everything inside you and everything around you to become the best version of yourself that you could be.

Appreciate the paths that others paved before you in order to help show you the way. Whichever way you want to transform just take that step. Once you take that step you likely won’t regret it.

What do you want? Once you figure that out let’s get into a Mental Frame Shift and Transform!