Allow Me To Change Your Life Through One of My Programs

Hello there, welcome and thank you for stopping by my website! I live in the Chicago area and I have a great level of knowledge and passion in health and wellness. I enjoy focusing my energy on educating and sharing with people across the world. I offer life purpose coaching, diet analysis, health/habit coaching, and fitness consulting in person at select gyms.

Do you want to live a healthier, happier, more productive lifestyle? Choosing to live a healthy life is a lifestyle decision. Depending upon your current state of health you might have to make drastic changes or some very simple habit changes. 

How does one go about changing their health? Well, choosing one of my programs can be your very first step towards drastically changing your health and your overall life and well-being. 

Below are further details…

Some Details of My Personal Services Include:

  • Business Coaching this includes: one on one coaching on how to build your own brand online, learning the art of selling products and services, and discovering how to expand your areas of passion into a form of income.

Coming Soon!

  1. Half-Hour Business 101
  2. 1-Hour Brand Building
  • Life Purpose Coaching which includes: mindset coaching, motivation, persuasion, inspiration, and life advice for purpose and direction.
  1. Free Introductory Life Purpose Coaching Session
  2. Life Purpose Coaching Individual Coaching Session
  3. Life Purpose Coaching Package
  • Health and Diet Coaching which includes: setting goals and standards for personal growth, health transformation, habit changing, weight loss, incorporating whole food nutrition, and making the right grocery choices. I cover specific diets according to your daily schedule and overall body needs. My diets covered include Anti-inflammatory, Ketogenic, Mediterranean, Paleo, and Raw foods diets.
  1. Health and Diet Coaching Individual Introductory Session
  2. Health and Diet Coaching For An Optimal Lifestyle (Individual Package Sessions)
  • Fitness Consulting  which includes: weight-training, working out towards your personal fitness goals, helping with body transformation, utilizing the correct form and posture, weight loss, and developing lean muscle mass.
  1. Individual Solo Fitness Training Session
  2. Peter’s Monthly Fitness Training Package

Just as a note I offer my services through Skype sessions and my fitness consulting only to people who are at the same local gyms.

If you have problems with obesity, binge eating, addiction, detoxing, quitting caffeine, or quitting smoking I will help you through the science of essential nutrition and habit change. I will incorporate some positive psychology which isn’t always entirely HOOPLA affirmations. Together by working with me, I will help you focus on enriching your lifestyle so you can walk away feeling healthy and radiant in your physical, spiritual, and emotional health.

Disclaimer Note:

The regimen’s I provide are recommendations, not prescriptions, and are not intended as medical advice. Before starting any program, check with your physician or a nutritionally oriented doctor, especially if you have a specific physical problem or are taking any medications. My opinions expressed are not to be a substitute for qualified medical advice from a personal physician.

If you want to keep in contact with me, be sure to visit my contact page and send me an email!