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Nutrition is my life. I know that everyone has a powerhouse of energy and strength within them. My job? It’s getting you into the best shape of your life. My story began with a hole in my heart which developed into a heart murmur. This condition means my heart beat sounds different when it beats than the regular normal beat of a heart. At the age of 16 I underwent Open-heart surgery and it changed my life DRASTICALLY. Throughout my life I have been told time and time again by cardiologists, pediatricians, coaches and other doubters that I couldn’t do what it was that I truly wanted to do at specific present instants in my life. Many have shed negative energy saying I couldn’t do this or that or told me my health would get in the way from achieving. People thought that they were protecting me and my health but one day I asked myself what would happen if I believed in myself rather than the words of other people? What if all this time I had been hiding behind my own true-self? It was after some life changing events that my intuition and my inner voice would spark and call out to me. By truly pursuing my passions I found I would be much more satisfied and I also realized that paying attention to naysayers is never going to get you anywhere or accomplish anything in life. I discovered that despite all the negative people in the world, certain positive people are truly what helps make the world change. It is through the guidance, inspiration and positive thinking of particular people that true progress comes about. Although growing up, I just wanted to prove coaches or doctors wrong, I discovered through the biology of belief that new horizons could be reached for myself and anyone willing to dig deep within their own mind and existence. With this incredible discovery and gift, as well as Christ’s love and God’s grace, I have found much more joy through the pursuit of happiness, and serving more time towards helping out others. I hope I can help more people find happiness, while simultaneously guiding people by helping them find their own vision through the lenses of positive thinking. Peter is a BioMedical Sciences graduate from National University of Health Sciences located in Lombard Illinois, who specialized in the study of Nutrition. Feel free to contact me and share my blog.